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GRS Snow Park
Completed Project.
Year:  2018
Location: Mysore


Team: Arunkumar, Sneha, Ashwin

GRS Snow Park is an indoor snow play area where people can experience the snow. The snow area is ideated in a way that the people get the experience of the natural snowy mountain environment. The façade of the building depicts the snowy mountains. The facade is a minimalistic organic white wall which is inspired by the snow-capped mountain ranges. This simplicity further delivers a monumental feel to the structure. The interior is a reflection of the exterior with a parametric false ceiling. The basic colours used in the interior is primarily dark blue, white and grey which are the colour of winter.

Commercial Building

Year:  2013
Location: Kochi


Team: Arunkumar, Anju, Arun

The brief was to design a mixed-use building, the site lies in the heart of the city. The principal idea behind the design was to create a structure and a space which would provide a premium feel to its users. The materials are chosen for the project also reflected this ideology. The interiors are designed using premium material and high-end designer furniture to reflect how the space is meant to be used. The marriage between materials and colours gives the spaces a contemporary and elegant feel.

Snow Carnival
Proposed Project.

Year:  2020

Location: Maharashtra

Team:  Arunkumar, Arun Rajeev, Ashwin

Snow Carnival, is a proposal for a snow park project in Maharashtra. The design focuses on using the mountain as a cascade element and using extruded volumes to create light and movement through the space. All the spaces are designed using natural material and showcase the natural texture, which gels with the entire theme.

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